Dog Care Tips and Tricks

Dogs should be treated with great care and just like any other member of one’s family. Like any other individual, a dog has its own needs, which should be met if you want to have a healthy and happy friend.

* First and foremost: choose a dog that is right for you. If you have kids, know which dog breeds are good with children. For older people, look at good dog breeds for seniors. If thinking about adopting a dog from a shelter, understand the needs of an adopted dog, and if buying from a breeder, know questions to ask a dog breeder.

* Do all the vaccinations that are necessary for your dog in time. Visit the vet for routine check up of your dog.

* Give your dog to eat food items that are made up of pure ingredients. Choose the right dog food item that would have a balanced combination of nutrients like vitamins, protein, minerals and right amounts of calories.

* Dogs are very susceptible to heat. So, pay great attention to your dog during hot seasons. Evade overheating, make sure the dog has a cooler shelter and plenty of water.

* Brushing Your Dog

Use a slicker brush (or rake), and use it gently. Those “bristles” can really hurt his skin if you aren’t gentle.


The following list is of reasons to brush your dog’s coat – even if he has short fur that doesn’t tangle or mat.

* Brushing your dog goes a long way towards keeping his coat clean.
* He enjoys the brushing itself, the close contact, and the extra attention.
* Brushing removes the extra hairs. (If you brush often enough, there won’t be anything extra for him to shed on his own.)
* Brushing makes his coat looks very nice because (long-haired dogs) it removes mats and (all dogs) adds sheen.
* While brushing your dog’s coat, you can do a quick check for any problems (foxtails, cuts, mange, hot spots, etc.)